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Hemodialysis - Dialysis centers

The dialysis-network of the B. Braun group

As a systems provider of product-based dialysis systems, B. Braun has acquired extensive expertise. We share this expertise with physicians, nurses and patients at our own dialysis centers.

Our patients undergo treatment regularly, consequently a close bond exists between patient and service provider.

Over 8,000 renal patients in Europe, Asia and Africa visit B. Braun dialyisis centers 3  times every week to receive their life-preserving treatment.

As a dialysis center operator, B. Braun has made important contributions to modernizing healthcare systems, particularly in Central Eastern Europe. Today these systems hardly differ from those of the other European countries. In Hungary, over 90 percent of the medical dialysis services are now privatized; and developments have taken a similar course in the other Eastern European nations.

All B. Braun dialysis centers are ISO 9001-certified to ensure that the same quality criteria in  all B. Braun dialysis centers worldwide.


Holiday Dialysis

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Holiday Dialysis

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